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Tutorial of everything in connection with the verb.

Conjugation – Indicatif Présent

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); When conjugating a French verb, the root of the verb takes several endings (suffixes) in the various personal forms. However, English verbs do not usually take endings except for the -s ending in the third person singular of the Present tense (e.g. he goes, he reads, she writes, it makes). [...]

Conjugation – Indicatif – Compound Past (Passé composé)

Avoir or être is conjugated in the present tense, and the past participle (participe passé) of the main verb comes after:   avoir / être            +          participe passé     conjugated in the present tense Avoir is used with the verbs that can have a direct object (e.g. acheter (quelque chose) – buy (something); voir (quelque [...]